Orthopaedic Batwing Pillow


Orthopaedic Batwing Pillow Back Neck Shoulder Pain Support Padded Fluffy Cushion

This beautifully made Batwing pillow is a well padded high quality item. It is designed to aid relaxation and reduce pain and pressure by supporting the user with a three section innovative design. The Batwing Pillow provides an affordable luxury for those whom desire a supportive cushion with orthopedic and lateral benefits. It also promotes a healthy posture while remaining soft and cosy to the touch. It can be used in armchairs, sofas and while reading, working or sleeping in bed. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

  • Supports the head, back, and sides while promoting a healthy posture
  • Helps to alleviate aches and pains
  • Side sections give fantastic lateral support
  • Specially shaped into three sections to hold you snugly
  • Keeps the user cradled in a comfortable and healthy upright position
  • Generously padded for comfort and durability


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